Print Competition

Congratulations to our January 2021 Print Competition winners!
Best in ShowEverlasting Love by Sandy O’Shea
1ST placeEverlasting Love by Sandy O’Shea 
2ND placeBirds Eye View by Sheila Almond
3RD placeFree Thinker by Mark Kovner


January 2017 Print Competition

Portrait Category
1st Place
“Forever Friends” by Steve Moses
Forever Friends

Wedding/Event Category
1st Place
“Love and Laughter” by Natalie KaneLove and Laughter

Illustrative Category
1st Place
“Take Me To Your Leader” by Mark Kovnertake me to your leader

Illustrative Category
2nd Place
“Death’s Loving Embrace” by Brian Wolfe
Death's loving embrace

Illustrative Category
“The Bull Wins Again” by Gary Ditlow
The Bull Wins Again


2015 Prints of the Year

Print of the Year, Portrait category:
“Almost Ready For My Close Up” by James Ferrara

Print of the Year, Wedding/Event category:
“Bride To Be” by Natalie Kane

Print of the Year, Illustrative category:
“Island Nightfall” by Steve Moses
Island Nightfall


September 2015 Print Competition!

Wedding/Event Winners: 

1st Place: James Ferrara “Daddy’s Little Girl”

2nd Place: Cassondre Mae “Angelic Bride”



Portrait Winners:

1st Place: James Ferrara “The Young Pianist”

2nd Place: Natalie Kane “My Close Up Portrait”

3rd Place: Gina Babbage “Charlie”


Illustrative Winners:

1st Place: Steve Moses “Island Nightfall”

2nd Place: Steve Moses “Fast Lick”

3rd Place: Sherrie Fryxell “A Whisper of What Once Was”

May 2015 Print Competition!

A big thank you to our judges Joe Brady and Diane Bollen for helping us out with our print competition, and a big congratulations to our winners! This month we introduced a new category titled RAW. The idea behind this category is to further challenge ourselves as photographers to do our best at getting the images as perfect as possible right out of camera. The elements we are NOT judged for in this category are things llike color correction and presentation, as members are submitting a RAW file with absolutely no adjustments. Next Print Competition is September 2015- we look forward to seeing your images there!!

Wedding/Event Winners: 

  Bride to Be          The Happy Couple          A Fleeting Moment

  1st Place: James Ferrara             2nd Place: Natalie Kane            3rd Place: Peter Texiera

“Bride to Be”                        “The Happy Couple”                    “A Fleeting Moment”

Portrait Winners:

Femme Fatale           The Forgotten          Almost Ready For My Close Up

1st Place: Cassondre Mae        2nd Place: Cassondre Mae          3rd Place: James Ferrara

“Femme Fatale”                      “The Forgotten”           “Almost Ready for My Close Up”

Illustrative Winners:

Sunset Sail            The Original Freedom Fighter          The Heaven's and Earth


1st Place: Natalie Kane                2nd Place: Mark Kovner            3rd Place: Peter Texiera

“Sunset Sail”                  “The Original Freedom Fighter”      “The Heaven’s and Earth”

RAW Winners:

Waiting            Ready and Waiting          Sculpture of the Gods

1st Place: Natalie Kane              2nd Place: James Ferrara             3rd Place: Peter Texiera

         “Waiting”                               “Ready and Waiting”                 “Sculpture of the Gods”


Congratulations!!! Sandy O’Shea, James Ferrara and Sergio Smiriglio for winning the HVPPSNY print of the year competition.  These images were selected out of all of those submitted in 2014 for all of the HVPPSNY print competitions.  These photographers should be proud for achieving this level of expertise in the craft of photography.

Wedding Category Portrait Category Illustrative Category
HVPPSNY-Love-makes-the-ride-worthwhile-(Sandy-O Shea,-WEDDING) HVPPSNY-Proud-Grandma-(James-Ferrara,-PORTRAIT) HVPPSNY-Pussy-in-Chianti-(Sergio-Smiriglio,-ILLUSTRATIVE)
Title: Love makes the ride worthwhile-Sandy-O Shea ~WEDDING~ Title: Proud Grandma – James Ferrara ~PORTRAIT~ Title: Pussy in Chianti – Sergio Smiriglio ~ILLUSTRATIVE~

Congratulations!!! Now, everyone, get ready for 2015!!!



Congratulations to the winners of the September 2014 HVPPSNY Print Competition!

Category: Wedding / Event

HVPPSNY September 2014 Print Comp

Title: Love Under Cover – Natalie Kane

Category: Portrait

HVPPSNY September 2014 Print Comp winner.

Title: Laughing it Up – James Ferrara

Category: Illustrative

HVPPSNY September Print comp 1st place winner; Vickie Muller- Into the Light

1st Place – Title: Into the Light – Vickie Muller

HVPPSNY September Print comp 2nd place winner; Tom Doyle - Wetland Geometric

2nd Place – Title: Wetland Geometric – Tom Doyle

HVPPSNY September Print comp 3rd place winner; Tom Doyle - Day Lillies at Night

3rd Place – Title: Day Lillies at Night – Tom Doyle