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Print Competition Rules
Image Size: Longest dimension 4,000 pixels (20 inches at 200 ppi)
Color Profile: sRGB or Adobe 1998
Named as: Image Title.jpg (Sample: New York at Sunrise.jpg)
Must be exact name of Print
Saved as: JPG, quality 10
Total File Size: Not to exceed 3.5 MB
3 Categories: Portrait * Weddings/Events * Illustrative
Max Entries: Send up to 6 images!!
Do not use your own name in the file. Remove any keywords added to the EXIF data.
‘Print Submission Form’ is no longer used!

In an email, identify each submission EXACTLY as follows: Last Name,First Name,TITLE,Category
Sample: Smith,Jennifer,NEW YORK AT SUNRISE,Illustrative (no space after commas)
Repeat for each submission. Send images as attachments to the email.
Subject format for email – Month Year Print Comp (Sample: Jan 2019 Print Comp)

Email to Eli Sloves,

DEADLINE: 9:00 A.M. SHARP, MONDAY, prior to competition – NO EXCEPTIONS !!
Submit early to be safe. ELI will send you a confirmation via email by Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.

REMINDER! If you do not receive the email by Wednesday morning, email him immediately.



HVPPSNY Constitution (pdf)