April Meeting and Program – Wabi-Sabi with Lisa Cuchara

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Wabi-Sabi with Lisa Cuchara
“Wabi means a beauty of elegant imperfection. Sabi means aloneness. Together, they suggest the beauty of the withered, weathered, tarnished, scarred, intimate, course, earthy,
evanescent, tentative ephemeral” ~Crispin Sartwell, Six Names of Beauty.

This program teaches you to:
• Explore the beauty of imperfect and/or unconventional objects
• Appreciate the beauty of everyday life Instead of searching for subjects that are perfect, highlight subjects that have character such as decaying fallen leaves, a deformed coneflower, rust as it creates abstract patterns amidst the decay, etc.

1015 Little Britain Road, New Winsor, NY
Social Hour 5:30, Dinner/Meeting 6:30

Members: $32; Guests $32 (first two meetings); Non-Members: $40
R.S.V.P. by Sunday, April 7th

Email info@hvppsny.org to r.s.v.p.
Reservations are Required

BIO: PhD, M.Photog.Cr, HonNEC. Lisa is a passionate photographer who
enjoys being behind the camera and in the digital darkroom. She and her
husband, Tom, are known for their expertise in Photography and Photoshop, and for their inspirational, informative workshops. Lisa has created numerous award winning
photographs and enjoys sharing her vision, passion and knowledge! Her images have appeared in magazines, paperbacks, galleries and exhibitions, and have been accepted into PPA’s Imaging Excellence Collection. Together, she and Tom have published two books as pictured above. www.photographybylisaandtom.com