The Professional Photographers Society of New York is an association dedicated to the advancement of photography, both as a science and an art.

Pride, professionalism and integrity is what you get when you hire a professional photographer from PPSNY. Our members are encouraged to develop the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, business practices and customer relations.

If your photographer is a member of PPSNY, you can be sure he or she knows and uses the latest techniques. Your assurance of this is every member’s attendance at PPSNY meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences throughout the year. Instructors at these sessions are outstanding photographic experts who draw upon years of experience to teach members the latest methods.

To spur members to constantly improve their techniques, PPSNY sponsors its annual conference and trade show of professional photography. Images from the members are judged, displayed, and shared with others. Awards are given for outstanding work, not only at the conference, but at other programs throughout the year.

As you can see, participation in PPSNY means that members are held at a rigid standard. When you purchase photographic work from a PPSNY member, you know that you are going to obtain results that come from only true professionalism.

Hudson Valley is a section of the Professional Photographers Society of New York State.

 Don’t Take Chances with Your Wedding

It may be the most special day of your life. Why take chances?

We are living in the age of photography! Almost every single person is now carrying some sort of device that will take photographs! That can be a good thing to have for documenting events that unfold in front of you, capturing a beautiful sunset, or snapping a group of friends having fun at a party. Consumer cameras are getting better also, and can now be used by people who really don’t need to know a lot about photography. And these cameras can take nice, colorful, and sharp photographs!

But don’t you want more than just photographs that are in focus on your wedding day? Don’t you want to capture some of the romance, the beauty and the tender moments of that day? Have you ever looked at a beautiful photograph of a wedding couple and wondered what makes it so beautiful? The reason is because the photographer had years of experience in posing, lighting and the equipment at hand to create a photograph that will wow you and all your friends.

Your friends on social media are forever showing off photographs of themselves, hoping to get their friends to “like” them and to write nice comments. Everyone likes photographs that make themselves look good! Hire a HVPPSNY photographer for your wedding, and you will be sure to get lots of “wow” photographs to show off to your friends.

Besides, professional photographers are prepared if things don’t go as expected. They carry extra batteries & memory cards, and most carry a backup camera and flash in case of equipment failure. That is something you don’t need to worry about, but is so reassuring to know!

SO, be sure to hire a professional and feel relaxed knowing that you’ve made the right decision! Whether you are having a local wedding or you are planning a destination wedding, we have one that will be just right for you.

Look over our member directory and our gallery. There’s a photographer that will fit your budget or fulfill your most wildest challenge!

 Your Family Portrait

The portrait section of your local discount or department store takes pictures. We preserve memories.

Often that means taking the time to get it right. HVPPSNY photographers are taught to get to know the person they are photographing to be able to analyze a person’s “right side” and then capture the right expression or moment.

Sometimes that means photographing you or your family with those things that are special to you. This could be the guitar that you are always strumming on, the basketball your son enjoys playing with, or the new doll that your baby adores. Our photographers can give you great ideas about capturing a person’s inner self.

Call a HVPPSNY photographer today, and your professional portrait will be much more than a simple a snapshot.




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